Zynga's CityVille Breaks Ground on Google+

Zynga's largest game on Facebook, CityVille, is now available on Google+.

The social gaming company says that it wanted to make its games accessible to everyone no matter what platform they play their games on.

The city-builder game begins much like how many other cities across the world got their start, with a railroad crossing and two streets. From there, the goal is to build the thriving city of your dreams with a growing business sector where people buy and sell goods by sea and rail.

LAUNCH has contacted Zynga about the CityVille rollout to Google+ and the future of other releases slated to be added to the social network. We will update this story if we receive a response.

There are more than 72M monthly CityVille users on Facebook, and Zynga says that more than 60M users play its games daily and more than 232M monthly.

Last month, Zynga brought Poker to Google+, which now offers more than 18 games to its users including Angry Birds and Zombie Lane.

The gaming company filed for its IPO on July 1, and expects to raise more than $1B from the sale, but Zynga has delayed going public until at least October. The company is reportedly valued at more than $15B.


CityVille starts out with a brief tutorial that coaxes gamers into building their first cozy cottage in their new town.

After you name your city, "Matt's Town" in this case, the Zynga Gazette begins hounding you over political ambitions.

The game sets goals for users and offers tips to help you achieve these goals.

But like its other social game counterparts CityVille, it relies on the support of your friends to help build businesses and other projects in your city.

If you can't get enough friends to come to your town or are too impatient to wait for for the building process you can always purchase "City Cash" or "City Coins".


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