Zeo Competitor EASYWAKEme Launches in UK at Higher Cost without iOS or Android Support

The health space continues to expand with the recent UK launch of Dreamtrap's EASYWAKEme sleep monitoring and waking system.

The alarm clock is designed to wake you up at the most optimal time, which sounds a lot like Zeo [ see our profile here ]. EASYWAKEme is a vibrating alarm and wristband that monitors body movements, and analyzes your sleep cycles to determine the most natural time to wake up.

Contrary to Zeo, EasyWakeMe uses an actual alarm clock, as opposed to a mobile application to wake you up. Still, the EASYWAKEme wristband sensor communicates with your mobile phone via bluetooth to send sleep data to your phone. From there, you can upload your personal sleep data to easywakeme.com and view your stats.

The catch: EASYWAKEme software is currently only available on Blackberry and Simian phones, but will eventually support other smartphone platforms in the future, according to the press release. Zeo software, on the other hand, is compatible with iOS and select Android devices.

LAUNCH has contacted Dreamtrap and Zeo founder Ben Rubin and will update this story if we receive a response.

The sleep stage alarm clock costs £ 118 ($184) in the online store, while Zeo costs $99. UK-based Dreamtrap was founded in 2009.


The alarm clock features a motion sensor and vibrator to wake you up. The wristband tracks and analyzes your sleep, and sends the information to your mobile phone. Using your phone, you can set wake-up intervals, wake-up tones and activate the vibrator.

Online analytics feature a sleep calendar, sleep charts and sleep statistics.


Website: www.dreamtrap.net

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/EASYWAKEme/174973082525481?v=info
Twitter: @EASYWAKEme http://twitter.com/#!/EASYWAKEme
Website: www.easywakeme.com