Zaarly Updates Homepage, User Experience and Releases Mobile Site

Zaarly, the service that lets you put a price on things you want and rely on others to fill your request, has launched a redesign to its site that includes a new homepage, an update to the browsing experience and a mobile version of the site.

One of the biggest changes to the user experience when visiting the Zaarly site is its immediate connection to the visitor's city, which allows them to browse the listings without logging in and check out a list of the most common Zaarly requests.  

The biggest internal change, however, is the browse map function of Zaarly that has been updated to include real-time search. Zaarly's new mobile version will also allow users on mobile browsers to post and respond to offers.

LAUNCH has contacted Zaarly CEO Bo Fishback for comment. We will update this story if we receive a response.

To buy an item on Zaarly users just need to post a description of what they want, decide on a time frame and price point that works for them. Users will then see offers on their post.

To sell an item on Zaarly, users can search through listings to find items to make offers on. The buy and seller can then negotiate details and prices. Sellers can choose to be paid in cash or via credit card.

Each credit transaction includes a 9.95% surcharge that Zaarly collects.

Zaarly was founded by Bo Fishback, Ian Hunter and Eric Koester, and launched in early March.

"We've seen an incredibly wide range of services and things bought," Bo told LAUNCH in March. "Everything from phone chargers to a cheeseburger that a SXSW attendee happily paid $100 to have delivered to his hotel room."

Here, a Zaarly user has requested a 30-pack of Natural Light, "cheapest beer at the store" for $26 and had their need fulfilled.


Twitter: @Zaarly 

Bo Fishback, CEO co-founder
Twitter: @bowman  

Erik Koester, COO co-founder
Twitter: @erickoester  

Ian Hunter CTO co-founder
Twitter: @dcian