WillCall Brings Hotel Tonight Model to Live Events

: Find live music and theater events happening in your city each night, generally at a 50% discount. WillCall [ @Willcall ] only lists events in San Francisco right now. In beta, will be available as iPhone app. Expanding to New York and Los Angeles next. 

LAUNCHERS:  Donnie Dinch, CEO [ @ddinch ].  Patrick Tescher, CTO [ @pat2man ].
Julian Tescher, developer [ @jatescher ].

INSPIRATION: "There are great shows going on every night – and I was missing all of them," Donnie told LAUNCH via email. "This wasn't an app problem or a pricing problem; it was an experience problem. We found that people habitually make casual evening plans at the last minute. With this in mind, we set out to create a service that empathizes with consumers and provides a unique experience to catching live events."

BUSINESS MODEL: Revenue share -- currently experimenting with terms.  

COMPETITION: Live Nation Entertainment, StubHub and traditional last-minute ticket booths.

INVESTORS: Hotel Tonight CEO Sam Shank [ LinkedIn ], David Geller [ LinkedIn ], Daryn Nakhuda [ LinkedIn ], 500 Startups.