Why Does @_BorgCollective Spam Bot Have a Klout Score of 57?

Since Twitter currently counts more toward your Klout score than other networks -- Google+ isn't full integrated yet -- we're wondering why the bot @_BorgCollective (118 followers) has a Klout score of 57.

The bot's 2K+ tweets, directed at different people, all say the same thing: "@[name] YOU WILL BE ASSIMILATED." That explains why Klout deems _@BorgCollective as focused and consistent. [ For you non-Trekkies, the Borg pursue perfection by assimilating other species ].

Yousaf Sekander, head of SEO for the U.K.-based agency Elevate Local, called out the @_BorgCollective account in a Sept. 22 post to the Elevate Local blog about gaming Klout.

LAUNCH reached out to Klout CEO Joe Hernandez, and the Klout spokesperson directed us back to Yousaf's blog post, where Joe had written, "We believe influence is the ability to drive action. Is this BorgCollective account silly? Absolutely."

Joe also pointed out that a long list of influencers are engaging with the BorgCollective account.

Indeed, many of the people BorgCollective has targeted have responded.

"Of course this exists.RT: @_BorgCollective YOU WILL BE ASSIMILATED," @zunguzungu -- Klout score of 60 with 2K+ followers -- writes.
Another user, @CreativeCrip  -- Klout score of 62 with 626 followers -- writes, "@_BorgCollective: YOU WILL BE BLOCKED."
Klout measures influence based on a user's ability to drive action and that is exactly what BorgCollective is doing.

"It’s a meme that is influencing people right now and will likely die down quickly," Joe wrote. "The fact that a joke tweet from me or a silly sci-fi reference generates actions and engagement doesn’t suggest our system is any more flawed then 'Jersey Shore' being one of the highest rated TV shows. We can’t be blamed for people’s taste."

Joe also mentioned that Klout is constantly improving its algorithms: "Our science team is going to look at this account and in fact we are on the verge of releasing some pretty major changes around how we score."