Whoohoo! Spotify App Lets You Access Friends' Playlists

Spotify just released an update to its iOS app that lets users browse through their friends' music library.

Before, users only had access to their own playlists on the iOS app. Now, you can browse friends' published playlists, listen and subscribe to their music.

At f8 last month, Facebook announced its tight integration with Spotify, which lets users see what their friends are listening to in real-time [ see our story here ].

Users can download the update here.  


Click the Friends tab to access playlists from all of your friends using the service.

Click on the name of a friend to view all of their playlists.

Click on a playlist to browse through songs. Click Subscribe for easy access in the future.

Click "Inbox" to access messages, albums and tracks from friends.

Here, all of your messages are listed.