White House Favorite ThinkUp Launching Google+ Plugin for Storing Social Activity

[ ThinkUp Google+ plugin. ]

ThinkUp, a free open-source web application that lets users store and organize activity from social networking sites, plans to soon launch a Google+ plugin using the newly released Google+ API.

The plugin will track and chart comments and +1 counts, list posts by most discussed and most +1-ed, and filter posts that contain questions into a separate feed.

"The API is extremely limited, but I like starting small and simple, and this was just enough to tackle in a day and a half," ThinkUp Lead Developer Gina Trapani writes on Google+. 

Gina notes the launch will be "soon" and that it might be "dev-only."

Users on Google+ are posting positive feedback.

"I got pulled into another project RIGHT as things got started on IRC...so bummed to have missed DEVing on this," +David Malouf, a web programmer, writes. "Excellent job to all involved!! And thank you, +Gina Trapani for making it sooo easy and desirable to jump in on ThinkUp!!"
LAUNCH has contacted Gina for more information regarding the upcoming plugin.

Gina founded ThinkUp in 2009 and Lifehacker.com in 2005.

The Google+ API for public data launched Sept. 16. Download [ here. ]   


The White House uses ThinkUp to collect conversations on social networks and organize them into one database. 


Website: http://thinkupapp.com/

Gina Trapani
Twitter: @ginatrapani   
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/ginatrapani
Google+: https://plus.google.com/113612142759476883204/