Where Over $1M in LAUNCH Festival Prize Money Is Going

[ LAUNCH founder Jason Calacanis (right) stands with Minbox founders Michael Lawlor (left) and Alexander Mimran (middle), who received a slot at TechStars after launching at the 2012 LAUNCH Festival. ]

When the LAUNCH Festival kicked off on March 7, we had over $1M in investment money pledged. Thanks to members of the Grand Jury who had not previously committed money -- and existing investors upping their amounts -- that number climbed past $1.4M when we held the closing ceremony on March 8.

Here we list who has pledged how much to which startup(s) -- a total of $1,069,000 so far.

Best Design 1.0 winner Minbox is at $318k in pledges, Best Overall 1.0 winner Space Monkey at $276k, Best Technology 1.0 winner Captricity at $125k, Best Overall 2.0 winner Alltuition at $75k and Best Business Model 1.0 winner Appstack at $75k.

We will update as we receive more info.

Charles River Ventures

$100k: Minbox [ AngelList ]
$100K: Captricity [ AngelList ]


$118k: Minbox [ AngelList ]


$50K: Minbox [ AngelList ]
$50K: That's Suspicious Behavior

Brad Gerstner

$100k: Space Monkey [ AngelList ]

Bill Warner

$25k: Benetracker [ AngelList ]
$25k: Couple Street
$25k: HipSwap
$25k: MeetCute

Tim Young

$50k: Minbox [ AngelList ]
$50k: Scoot Networks [ AngelList ]

Gigi Brisson, Attractor Management

$25k: Alltuition [ AngelList ]
$25k: Appstack [ AngelList ]
$25k: Captricity [ AngelList ]

Steve Chen

$50K: Space Monkey [ AngelList ]
$25K: Alltuition [ AngelList ]


$51k: Space Monkey [ AngelList ]

Zelkova Ventures

$50K: Space Monkey [ AngelList ]

Cyan Banister

$50K: Appstack [ AngelList ]

Jason Calacanis

$25k: Space Monkey [ AngelList ]
$25k: Alltuition [ AngelList ]