Web 2.0 Summit Highlights (Day Two): Dell Sticking to PCs, Foursquare Might Drop Check-ins, Rovio to Add New Angry Bird

[ Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley. ]

As Hewlett-Packard tries to figure out its next move after ditching the TouchPad, Dell CEO Michael Dell said that Hewlett-Packard's uncertainty is good for business. Dell will continue to focus on PCs and serve enterprise markets like health care. Dell provides hospitals with services like cloud archives for medical images

"There's an enormous opportunity to use all this data for better outcomes," Dell explained. "Having standards and having a common way to archive is actually a very simple thing."

In regards to location-based applications, Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley talked about how the app is becoming more passive, and hinted at kicking check-ins to the curb. Crowley said that the company is moving away from check-ins to focus more on the Radar feature, which collects information about where you are, what direction you're going and lets you know when you're close to places on your lists.

Meanwhile, Rovio General Manager Andrew Stalbow touted the success of Angry Birds -- 130M monthly users, 30M daily users, 300M minutes of gameplay a day -- and also mentioned that a new bird is coming in the October update of Angry Birds Seasons. Stalbow also confirmed an upcoming Angry Birds movie and cookbook.

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Michael Dell, Dell CEO
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Dennis Crowley, CEO
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