Watch TWiST News Roundtable with Sean Percival and James Altucher Live at 1pm PT

Today on This Week in Startups, Sean Percival, Entrepreneur in Residence at the incubator Science, and writer and entrepreneur James Altucher will join Host Jason Calacanis for the News Roundtable live at 1pm PT.

Before joining Science in Nov. 2011, Sean served as vice president of online marketing at Myspace for nearly two years and previously worked at Mahalo as a content manager.

James Altucher is a contributing writer for The Wall Street Journal, Managing Partner at Formula Capital and author of seven books. His most recent book, How to Be The Luckiest Person Alive, describes the personal techniques he has used throughout his life to get through both the hard times and the good times.

The News Roundtable will cover tech stories of the week such as Google introducing its new feature "Search Plus Your World," a roundup of CES and Sony's Music Unlimited streaming service coming to iOS. You can vote for the stories you want to hear on Ranker until the show goes live -- the stories that receive the most votes will be featured on the show.

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