Watch TWiST #224 with Box Co-founder Aaron Levie at 1pm PT

[ Box Co-founder Aaron Levie. ]

Today on This Week in Startups at 1pm PT, Jason sat down at Waze headquarters in Palo Alto to speak with Box's co-founder Aaron Levie.

Levie, at just 27 years old, has seen his company grow from startup to major player in the cloud storage space, raising a series D round of venture funding for $81M in 2011. Levie created as a project while studying at the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California.

Listen in as Jason and Aaron talk scaling, competitors and life in Silicon Valley. Watch TWiST here at 1pm PT or check out the show in the TWiST custom Chill room here. Be sure to subscribe to the TWiST audio and video podcasts in iTunes.