Watch TWiST #222 with Gil Elbaz and Nova Spivack of Common Crawl Live at 1pm PT

[ From left to right: Gil Elbaz and Nova Spivack. ]

Today on This Week in Startups, Gil Elbaz and Nova Spivack of non-profit web indexing service Common Crawl will join Host Jason Calacanis to discuss the democratization of web data live at 1pm PT.

Common Crawl is a free, open 5B page search index of the web that Gil created on the belief that it is crucial for web crawl data to be open and accessible to all. 

Before founding the Common Crawl Foundation in early 2008, Gil served as engineering director at Google for four years and eventually left to launch data sharing company Factual. Nova, who is currently the director of the Common Crawl Foundation, founded social media dashboard Bottlenose in Dec. 2011 and was the first investor in Klout.

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