Watch Rentcycle Founder Tim Hyer on TWiST #193 Live at 1pm PT

[ Rentcycle CEO Tim Hyer pictured on the right. ]

Tim Hyer, founder and CEO of online rental service Rentcycle, will be on This Week in Startups #193 today live at 1pm PT.

Rentcycle is an online rental marketplace with 1600K+ categories, ranging from personal electronics to bounce houses to musical instruments. Rentcycle connects consumers with products from 30K+ retail stores worldwide.

Before founding Rentcycle, Tim worked in business development at Cheskin Added Value, a consulting and market research company, from 2004 to 2009.

Tim, a 2009 graduate of pre-seed incubator The Founder Institute, founded San Francisco-based Rentcycle in January 2009 with Ludo Goarin and Kevin Halter. In August 2011, Rentcycle raised $1.4M in seed funding in a round led by Collaborative Fund.

Watch the show live in the TWiST custom Chill room here at 1pm PT. 


Tim Hyer, Founder and CEO
Twitter: @timthetank  
Email: tim at rentcycle dot com   

Twitter: @rentcycle