Watch Path CEO Dave Morin on TWiST Today at 1pm PT

Today on This Week in Startups, Path co-founder Dave Morin speaks candidly about what he learned from Path 1.0's luke-warm reception, why he believes in the slow product movement and how he's managed to stay on Mark Zuckerberg's good side, even with a competing product.

Dave, who was one of the original members of the Facebook platform team, met with Host Jason Calacanis in CNET's San Francisco studios last week for this special interview. While at Facebook, Dave also co-invented Facebook Connect -- the service that makes it possible to log in to other websites and applications through Facebook.

Since launching Path 2.0 in late November, its user base has skyrocketed with people sharing at a rate of 12 moments per second. Path first launched as a photosharing app but now also offers location, people, music and sleep mode sharing. 
Dave's story is a case study in perseverance that no entrepreneur should miss, so be sure to watch and discuss in the chats at 1pm PT today.

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Dave Morin, CEO
Twitter: @davemorin