Watch NeuAer CEO Dave Mathews on TWiST Patents Episode #201 Now

Watch Dave Mathews, founder and CEO of NeuAer, and intellectual property attorney Reid Dammann today on a special patents episode of This Week in Startups today at 1pm PT. 

Dave founded NeuAer, a proximity platform for smartphones in January 2010. Dave has 65 U.S. patents granted to him and before launching NeuAer, he worked at boxee and Slingbox. He also invented the CueCat consumer bar code reader.

Reid is a patent attorney at Musick, Peeler & Garrett where he specializes in patent, trademark, copyright and IP transactiopns. He is also a member of the Los Angeles Intellectual Property Association.

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Dave Mathews, CEO
Twitter: @ggdm 

Reid Dammann
Twitter: @reid_dammann