Watch Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom on TWiST #196 (Video)

If you missed This Week in Startups Episode #196, watch now as host Jason Calacanis interviews Instragram CEO Kevin Systrom.  

0:00-3:00 Welcome to TWiST. We have Instagram CEO and co-founder Kevin Systrom with us today.
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6:45-7:00 Thank you for joining us today, Kevin.
7:00-8:45 How many people are using Instagram every day?
8:45-10:15 What is the basic premise behind Instagram and why has it captured people’s imagination so much when it seems so simple?
10:15-12:00 What does lumofy mean?
12:00-13:00 How has the 2.0 release been doing?
13:00-14:00 Is Apple going to include these types of filters native on the iPhone?
14:00-15:30 What’s the story with how much you’ve raised and why you’re going so slow hiring?
15:30-17:15 When are you coming out with an Android client?
17:15-19:00 When it the Android app more likely to come out?
19:00-21:00 What about monetization?
21:00-23:00 Why would you spend any time on the Web when you could be working on the mobile space?
23:00-23:45 When we come back, Kevin will tell us about his time at Odeo.
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26:30-28:45 Kevin, do you love video or are you opposed to it?
28:45-30:00 Is this the most important update to the iPhone line?
30:00-32:00 What is your relationship with Apple?
32:00-34:00 What happens when you get featured in the app store?
34:00-35:00 What effects have you felt after Twitter started supporting photo sharing?
35:00-36:45 What impact will Facebook stealing all of your innovations have on your business? Why did you turn down their offer?
36:45-38:00 What’s the hardest part of running Instagram today?
38:00-39:30 How do you deal with all of your competitors?
39:30-40:30 Is it hard to avoid being distracted by all the money available today?
40:30-42:15 Tell us about your internship at Odeo (which later became Twitter).
42:15-44:00 Do you feel like your ability to pivot from Burbn to Instagram was easier because you watched Odeo pivot to Twitter?
44:00-45:30 What is Instagram built on?
45:30-47:15 What are you looking for in a new Instagram team member?
47:15-48:30 If someone is a brilliant engineer, send Kevin a note at
48:30-49:00 Does Kevin Rose hate you for having @Kevin on Twitter?
49:00-51:30 Thanks for joining us today, Kevin!
51:30-55:30 Welcome, Kirin. Who do you have for us today on the Fake Startup game?
55:30-58:30 Fstfrwrd is the fake one!
58:30-1:00:15 Let’s look at the chart of the week: Daily Deal Sites Growth Revenue Growth from
1:00:15-1:02:30 Groupon deciding to stop showing the deal number on the site is a terrible decision.
1:02:30-1:05:00 Jason predicts that Groupon will be sold to Google for $8-10B within the next 12 months.
1:05:00-1:08:00 Jason: Google Offers vs. Groupon vs. LivingSocial is a high-stakes game of poker.
1:08:00-1:09:30 Tyler: When people asked Groupon why they didn’t accept Google’s offer, they said they didn’t want to put the merger on their team.
1:09:30-1:13:00 Kirin: Is Groupon going to go public before they’re acquired by Google?
1:13:00-1:14:30 Insight from Tyler: This reminds me of a Chinese trademark.
1:14:30-1:19:00 Tyler: We need radical transparency on which politicians are getting money from which organizations?
1:19:00- Thank you for watching everyone, Jose will be starting Web Design right now!



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