Watch Founder Jake Winebaum on TWiST #191 Live at 1 pm PT

Today's guest on This Week In Startups at 1pm is Jake Winebaum, the founder and CEO of, which is changing dental care for the uninsured.

Brighter offers affordable dental care to those in need by prenegotiating prices with more than 25K dentists. The average Brighter user saves anywhere from 20% to 60% less than an uninsured patient would typically pay. The only catch: pay a membership fee of $79 per year.

Jake was inspired to create Brighter after seeing the extreme costs his retired father-in-law had to pay for dental care. Brighter was founded out of Blue Water Research, his incubator VC fund with Matt Coffin, in 2010.

In 1999, Jake also co-founded the incubator and VC fund eCompanies with Sky Dayton of Earthlink.  The incubator helped grow -- Jake was CEO from 2002 to 2007 -- and Boingo Wireless.

His first "startup" was FamilyFun magazine, which Disney bought in 1994. He worked in Disney's online division.


Jake Winebaum