Want to Watch Hulu Without Ads? Here's How

Even with a Hulu Plus account, Hulu forces you to watch ads while streaming TV shows. But you can get around the ads with this nifty DNS trick -- though you may have to sit through 30 seconds of silence.

According to this tip posted on Unibia, change your DNS (domain name system) address to and

When LAUNCH tried it, we saw a black screen with the message, "Sorry we're unable to load a message from our sponsors" [ shown above ] instead of an ad. It initially appears the video won't return, but it does after about 30 seconds.

Daniel Morante, who posted the trick and founded a web-hosting and design company, The Daniel Morante Company, Inc., warns that advertisers are keens to some of these tricks and will likely find ways to stop it.

To change your DNS settings on your Mac, open up your system preferences and click Network.

Then once you have your network settings open select "Advanced..."

Then input the DNS addresses and


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