VIDEO: 'Let's Talk iPhone'

Apple has released the video from its "Let's Talk iPhone" event in Cupertino, CA today. We've time stamped vital moments from the video so you can easily find each announcement [ Watch the video here ].

[ 0:25 ] Tim Cook welcomes guests to "Let's Talk iPhone" Event.

[ 4:50 ] Tim tells the audience about the opening of the Apple Store in Hong Kong, which sold more Macs on opening day in that store than any other in the world. One of the best opening days in Apple's retail history.

[ 6:45 ] Tim briefs the audience on the status of Apple's four main products starting with the Macintosh and OS X operating system.

[ 10:40 ] Tim talks about iTunes and iPods, which have held a 70% market share or greater for a "very long time." Apple has sold more than 300M iPods -- it took Sony 30 years to sell 220K Walkman cassette players.

[ 20:55 ] Scott Forstall, SVP of iOS software, announces Apple has sold more than 250M iOS devices.

[ 22:53 ] Scott previews the Cards app that lets you create and mail postcards from your iPhone or iPad touch and introduces new features of iOS 5.

[ See our coverage of companies potentially affected by Cards here. ]

[ 34:00 ] Scott brings up Eddie Cue, Apple SVP Internet software and services, to explain the iCloud.

[ 44:05 ] iCloud video.

[ 45:45 ] Phil Shiller, SVP of worldwide product marketing, talks about the iPod, iTouch, and introduces the iPhone 4S.

[ 53:20 ] Phil talks about the product updates of the iPhone 4S.

[ 54:15 ] President of Epic Games Mike Capps talks about the processing power of the A5 chip, used in the iPad, now in the iPhone 4S.

[ 58:00 ] Phil returns and talks 4S battery power and data speeds -- eight hours of 3G talk time, 14 hours of 2G talk, six hours of 3G browsing, nine hours of WiFi browsing, 10 hours video and 40 hours of music.

[ 60:50 ] Phil talks about the iPhone 4S as a 'world phone.'

[ 61:45 ] Phil talks about the iPhone 4S camera that features an 8MP camera sensor, giving it 60%+ more pixels designed to compete with point and shoot cameras.

[ 71:45 ] Phil introduces the iPhone 4S' best feature, Siri, a voice controlled personal assistant.

[ 87:31 ] Siri video.

[ 94:50 ] Tim comes back to wrap up the "Let's talk iPhone" event.