Very Meta: Kickstarter Project for "KickStarter the Movie"

We think the fabric of the crowd-sourced funding time-space continuum just ripped: a group is raising money for a documentary movie about Kickstarter on -- wait for it -- Kickstarter.

Five people -- only one of them a filmmaker -- began raising $65K for "KickStarter The Movie" today. The project so far has two backers who have pledged $10. Those who back the project can submit and vote on the documentary's subject matter within three categories: art and science, environment and humanity, and man and mystery.

"We were really inspired by the success of itself and the phenomenon of crowd-funded creative projects," software developer and project member John Goodall tells LAUNCH. "My brother Jim Goodall is an accomplished filmmaker so I started thinking of film ideas to pitch then realized that documenting the process of just getting funding would be an adventure in itself and interesting to people outside the tech world."

In addition to John, the "KickStarter The Movie" team includes film director and writer Jim Goodall, archaeologist Springs Pacelli, Dr. Roberto Pacelli and mathematician Faiza Vassanji.


KickStarter The Movie
Twitter: @kstartermovie  

John Goodall, Software Developer, Entrepreneur

Jim Goodall, director

Faiza Vassanji, mathematician