Ubuntu Launches App Developer Site (Video)

[ Getting Started video courtesy of Ubuntu. ]

Open-source operating system Ubuntu just launched the App Developer Site, a one-stop shop for everything a developer needs to know to create -- and now sell -- Ubuntu apps. Until now, developers using six-year-old Ubuntu did not have any organized resources.

As part of the launch, the Ubuntu Software Centre lets developers sell their apps (only free ones were available previously). Featured apps include Blender, a 3D graphics rendering tool, and OpenShout, a video production app.

The Ubuntu app development process is entirely free. Ubuntu Translations Coordinator David Planella recommends using PyGTK, a set of Python wrappers for the GTK+ graphical user interface, to create apps. Ubuntu also created a tool called Quickly to get users up-and-running with PyGTK.

"For all its current awesomeness, we are aware that the site needs to pass the test of a wider audience, adapt to their needs, and grow," David writes on the Ubuntu developer blog. "Expect more developer.ubuntu.com discussions at the next Ubuntu Developer Summit in Orlando, Florida, where any community member can participate and contribute to the discussion of the future plans for the site."

Commenters on Hacker News and the company blog are posting mixed reviews.

"In the past I thought Ubuntu's intention was to level the playing field, allowing beginners from any economic background access to the best free software," rizumu writes on HN. "This seems an unfair advantage to the first world countries who can afford to spend +10$ for an app."

Albert writes on the company blog: "This is absolutely fantastic. There has always been a real need for centralized documentation for Linux application developers, and I think this alone will attract more independent software vendors to create stuff for Ubuntu."

Platforms built using Ubuntu include Jolicloud's Joli OS, which turns any computer into a cloud device, and Ubuntu Christian Edition, an operating system geared towards Christians.


The Resources section offers a collection of online references for app developers, including a platform overview, API documentation and Social networking in Ubuntu.

The Publish section offers a guide on how to publish your Ubuntu apps.

The Community section provides developers with a support network with news, events and announcements.

The My Apps section provides developers an overview of submitted apps and lets developers submit new apps.


Website: http://www.ubuntu.com/
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David Planella, Ubuntu Translations Coordinator
Twitter: @dplanella  
Google+: https://plus.google.com/115054251212417394181/posts