Tweetsheet Turns Your Tweet Activity into a Pretty and Sharable Infographic

We do love a pretty infographic, especially personalized ones like Tweetsheet that present your Twitter data by monthly activity for the past 12 months, most retweets, geographic impact (U.S. only), best followers and favorite themes. Each bar in the total tweets chart "above ground" shows in green the chunk of tweets replied to or retweeted.

Tweetsheet will only load your last 3,200 tweets (a Twitter-API limitation), so extremely prolific users may not see a full year of data. Also, we noticed it can take a bit for all your data to load and the sections to populate. You can only create Tweetsheets for your accounts, though anyone can see a Tweetsheet the owner has shared.

Clever bonus: click the bird on the left side of your Tweetsheet and it will hop into a slingshot, Angry Birds-style. You rack up points for knocking down the bars in your chart (yes, you can hit replay and tweet your score).

Tweetsheet is a teaser product from Vizify, a startup in the current class at TechStars Seattle that will debut at demo day on Thursday, Nov. 3.

Vizify co-founder and CEO Todd Silverstein tells LAUNCH via email, "We wanted to give people a glimpse of the technology we'll be using in the core product, and to do something fun and engaging. We're really passionate about taking data people already have and turning it into something, surprising, revealing, and beautiful."

The "full product" will include improvements. For example, Todd notes that a number of people have asked them to add countries beyond the U.S., something they plan to do. Right now, the tweetsheet is a static page, and with people asking for updated versions, "we've been talking about possibly adding that feature so you can keep tracking your tweetsheet over time," says Todd.

He won't say how many people have tried out Tweetsheet so far, only that Vizify has "processed millions of tweets." That's got to be upwards of 1K Twitter accounts by our back-of-the-envelope calculations.


Todd Silverstein
Email: todd at vizify dot com

Twitter: @vizify

Twitter: @techstars