Tweet Scheduling Site Buffer Now Lets You Post to Facebook, Zuckerberg Impressed

Buffer, the tool that has scheduled millions of tweets since launching in December 2010, now lets you schedule Facebook posts, and simultaneously post to Twitter, as well, to keep your profiles up-to-date with fresh content.

To date, Buffer has scheduled 2.6M+ tweets and Facebook updates. Buffer has plans to let users schedule posts on Google+ and LinkedIn as well. Now, users can add Facebook posts to their queue and have Buffer schedule it for publication at the most optimal time, using its algorithm based on research for peak times on the service. You can also post that same update to Twitter. 

"Joel and I also briefly stopped by at Zuck’s office to show him the latest Buffer for Facebook," Buffer co-founder Leo Wildrich writes on the blog. "We hear, he was mightily impressed. :)"

Brands that rely on Facebook as its primary way of communicating with customers can now make sure their pages stay up-to-date with new content, and without much effort.

"The problem is that it is often hard to keep a consistent and regular presence on Twitter and FB," Leo tells LAUNCH via email. "With Buffer, you can spend 10 minutes in the morning filling up your Buffer with great content and have it posting for you for the rest of the day. This regularity in posting builds trust amongst your followers of being a great content curator - on top of increasing clicks, retweets and reach."

Within two weeks of using Buffer to schedule tweets, people noticed an increase of clicks on links they posted by 200%, according to a Buffer study. The study also revealed that Buffer users increased their follower count by 104 people within three weeks on average. 

While it is too soon to see how Facebook brand pages perform with Buffer, we imagine that the service would have a similar effect on Facebook.

While services like Hootsuite, Social Oomph and CoTweet also let you schedule posts, with Buffer, there's no need to schedule each individual tweet or post. In the settings, you can schedule your posts to publish throughout the day using Buffer's fixed timeslots. (See screen shot below). Buffer also provides analytics for each individual post.

Around 65K users are registered for Buffer, and about 33% of those uses actively use the product, Leo tells LAUNCH.  

While Buffer is already compatible with mobile web browsers, they will eventually release an iPhone app. Buffer also offers freshly redesigned web browser extensions for Chrome, Safari and Firefox.
Buffer, founded in 2010 by Leo and Joel, offers a freemium model with free, pro -- $10/month -- and premium -- $99/month -- options. Buffer has raised $120K in funding through the AngelPad incubator and is currently in a seed funding round.


If you're having trouble coming up with a memorable status, the "Inspire me" button generates a quote to share with your followers and friends. Buffer collected and crowdsourced more than 150 quotes to help users get started. Click "Add to Buffer" to put it in your queue.

You can schedule tweets and posts to publish at as many or as little time slots as you want. 


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Leo Wildrich, co-founder
Twitter: @bufferapp  

Joel Gascoigne, co-founder
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Tom Moor, Hacker
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