Turntable.fm Launches iPhone App, Raises $7M and Opens Beta to Anyone in U.S.

[Turntable.fm for iPhone app login screen]

Turntable.fm released its long-awaited iPhone app today, announced a $7M round led by Union Square Ventures and opened the beta to anyone in the U.S.

"This has been our most requested feature and it's just the beginning for mobile," founder and CEO Billy Chasen writes about the app. "It's our first version and still in beta, so please let us know if you find issues (e-mail help [at] turntable.fm)." 

Turntable.fm, which opened to the limited public in May 2011, lets people share music by DJing in themed rooms. The site has grown to 600K+ users. 

In addition to USV, investors include First Round Capital, Polaris, Lowercase Capital and Benchmark. 

LAUNCH editors tested out the iPhone app, and it works fine until we try to enter a room. Here's what our screen has looked like for the last 10 minutes: 

If all goes according to plan (see below), the app should provide the same features the website offers. In the upper-right corner, the chat icon allows users to chat with other people in the room and the "forward" button allows users to share the song currently playing on Facebook, Twitter or via email.

A room that's working. Photo courtesy of App store. 

Chat interface for users in the same room. 

Users can search through rooms based on name or scroll through the most popular rooms. Clicking "+" enables users to create a new room.

Users can create rooms just as they can on the website. Once you specify the type of room -- public or unlisted -- and determine how many DJs can play, click "Create."