Track your Google+ Data Now That ThinkUp Supports Google+

ThinkUp founder Gina Trapani began tinkering with the Google+ API as soon as it was released in September. Now her team has added support for Google+ so that ThinkUp users can store data from their Google+ -- as well as other social network accounts -- into a searchable database.

The Google+ integration collects your last 25 G+ posts, including images, links and the number of replies or +1s each received. You can view this data in a chart and spreadsheet to analyze the impact of individual posts.

ThinkUp has also updated its Facebook plug-in to include all of your Facebook posts, not just the ones you have made since installing ThinkUp. You can also export tweets and other posts.

ThinkUp is free as long as you have a web server that can run PHP. Users can create a private ThinkUp launcher with Amazon Web Services for free, depending on how heavily you use your AWS account.

However, ThinkUp was designed to meet the needs of those with more than 1K followers, including government agencies, personalities and publishers. ThinkUp users include the White House, the New York Times and celebrities like Steve Martin.

"For individuals, it's a free and easy way to archive and search your Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ activity in a database you control," a ThinkUp spokesperson tells LAUNCH via email. "For larger organizations, it's a way to chart trends and analyze conversations they're having with their followers, to help turn social networks like Twitter from a one-way broadcast to a two-way dialogue."

Trapani founded ThinkUp in 2009 and in 2005. ThinkUp's development is led by the non-profit Expert labs and has received funding from the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the MacArthur Foundation.


ThinkUp collects and tracks and collects your tweets and posts across Facebook, Twitter and now Google+ into a searchable, exportable database.

Users can also break down their top word usage.

ThinkUp also lets you track where your social network posts are responded from. 


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Gina Trapani
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