Tinfoil Security Will Keep (Most) Bad Guys from Hacking Your Site

WHAT: Security as a service: regularly crawls your website like a hacker, looking for the most common vulnerabilities, and reports if/how Tinfoil Security  [ @tinfoilsecurity ] gets in and how to fix the problem. Currently in alpha.

: Ainsley Braun, CEO [ @ainsleybraun, LinkedIn ]. Michael "Borski" Borohovski, CTO. [ @borski, LinkedIn ].

INSPIRATION: "We were working for government contractors doing software security, and started realizing that a lot of the websites we use every day are insecure," Ainsley told LAUNCH via email. "Whenever we alerted those sites to their vulnerabilities, they would immediately fix them and only then start worrying. After doing quite a few surveys of why this was the case, we found out that these companies cared, but thought security was going to be difficult, time-consuming and expensive; they just wanted to build their product."

BUSINESS MODEL: Monthly subscriptions. Price based on number of scans, type of scanning, level of reporting and support offered. Cost ranges from $59 to $459, enterprise level also available.

COMPETITION: Generally broader in threats they cover and aimed at large enterprises: McAfee Security as a Service, Vigilar’s ATLAS Security-as-a-Service, Symantec Hosted Services, ZScaler Cloud Security, Panda Cloud Protection.

CUSTOMERS/GROWTH: Ainsley says they have paying customers but won't disclose the number or names.

INVESTORS: Dave McClure and 500 Startups, Gil Penchina, IDG Ventures, Prasanna Srikhanta.

RAISING: Not disclosing.