ThinkUp 1.0 Liberates and Analyzes Your Social Media Data

[ The White House on ThinkUp. ]

ThinkUp, the self-hosted web application that archives and analyzes your social media life, just launched out of beta today with version 1.0.

Designed to meet the needs of those with more than 1K followers, ThinkUp lets users store social media conversations at a permalink on their site, visualize social media activity, put conversations on a map using Google Maps API to geo-encode posts, search and export data, and sort people by activity and popularity.

Current users include the White House, The New York Times and celebrities like Steve Martin.

"The conversations you have online are worth capturing, keeping, and referring back to over time," ThinkUp founder Gina Trapani writes on her Smarterware blog. "In fact, the things you share and the conversations you have about them gain weight, perspective, and importance over time, not just the moment you post them. Think about the time you announced you were getting married, or posted a photo of your newborn, or launched a project that changed your life on a social network and the conversations that ensued. That's content you want to keep."

ThinkUp is free as long as you have a web server that can run PHP and MySQL. The most common use of web servers is to host websites, but other uses include data storage or for running enterprise applications.

If you are not quite savvy enough to set up a server with PHP and MySQL, you can create a private ThinkUp server on Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud. The first year is free for new Amazon EC2 users, but costs $14.50 per month thereafter.

"For individuals, it's a free and easy way to archive and search your Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ activity in a database you control," a ThinkUp spokesperson told LAUNCH via email in October. "For larger organizations, it's a way to chart trends and analyze conversations they're having with their followers, to help turn social networks like Twitter from a one-way broadcast to a two-way dialogue."

In October, ThinkUp launched a Google+ plugin for storing social activity like +1s and reshares. Other plugins include Expand URLs, Facebook, GeoEncoder and Twitter.

In 20 months, ThinkUp went through 8 alpha phases, 17 betas and 1300+ commits by more than 60 contributors, Gina writes on Google+.

Trapani founded ThinkUp in 2009 and in 2005. ThinkUp's development is led by the non-profit Expert labs and has received funding from the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the MacArthur Foundation.


You can see the original post, list of replies, as well as a list of most frequently mentioned keywords in those replies.

ThinkUp shows you your replies, retweets, followers, friends, likes and list membership over time.

ThinkUp integrated the Google+ activity into the service to show +1s and replies.

You can easily track how many people shared or reshared posts.

ThinkUp uses the Google Maps API to geo-encode posts, replies, retweets and reshares to display on an interactive map.

ThinkUp lets you filter friends and follows by most active.

ThinkUp lets you search and export all of your data to a plain text format.