The Verge DJs Upcoming Launch on

Up-and-coming technology lifestyle site The Verge and its fans have been hanging out in a special room today in anticipation for its launch tomorrow.

The Verge, which is the latest venture by former Engadget editor Joshua Topolsky, will launch in partnership with SB Nation, an online network of 300+ blogs that are mostly sports. In preparation for the launch, The Verge contributors published tech editorials and podcasts on but will soon become The Verge, Josh wrote in a recent tweet. 

"Will there be riots in the streets?" the Verge team writes in an email. "A weird compulsion to stay near a computer at all times? Laughing wildly for no reason at all? Only the aliens watching all activity on this planet know for sure."

LAUNCH has contacted The Verge and will update this story if we receive a response. 

New York-based The Verge aims to be a portal for technology and gadget news. The Verge team comprises 15 journalists, including Joshua and Paul Miller.

The Verge's Paul Miller got the room started.


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