The 65 Stories TechCrunch Didn't Cover in November (But LAUNCH Did)

You already know LAUNCH is obsessed with great startups, accelerator demo days and new products from companies like Google, Twitter, Facebook and Amazon. We also find different angles on the big stories and highlight cool/fun projects we know you'll appreciate.

We think it's worth noting the articles you'll find on LAUNCH but not TechCrunch [ here's our previous list of 50+ startups TechCrunch didn't cover ]. If you only read TechCrunch, in fact, you would have missed these 65 stories published since Nov. 1 -- what a shame, eh?

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Take That, Google: Interactive Google+ Stream Visualizer Launching as Chrome Extension

RIM Envisions Touchscreen PCs and Smart Tables (video)

GitHub Enterprise Launches at 20x Rate of Competitor Bitbucket

Frame to Turn Shopify's 15K+ Stores into Touch Experience on iPad

Evernote Peek Launches Virtual Covers for Both iPad Models

Yelp Adds Saved-Search Function, New Search Filters -- But Only for App on Select T-Mobile Phones

Klout to Finally Let Users Add Topics to Profile, Average Score is 20

Zynga Jukebox Eases HTML5 Audio Woes, Launches on GitHub

Vizify Takes on with Profiles That Bring Together Pieces of Your Online Persona

How Many Accidents Has Waze Caused?

Live Blogging TechStars Seattle Demo Day--Nov. 3, 2011

Google Tries to Keep Up with Apple, Chrome Beta Syncs Apps and Extensions Across Devices

Single Ladies: Vouch for and Find Dateable Guys with LikeBright

Trapster iOS App Will Soon Warn You If You're Driving Too Fast (video)

Products Groupon Has Launched since Its IPO Filing: Are You Impressed?

Waze Says No Accidents Despite 8M Users

Obama Now Crowd-Sourcing Jobs Policy (video)

Roundtable Is an Elite Version of Quora (with Sponsorships)

Obama Administration Taps Google, LinkedIn and Twitter to Create Veterans Job Bank

Zuckerberg Calls Google+ Little Version of Facebook on "Charlie Rose" Tonight

Google Recreates "RealNames" with "+" Search Feature

Why Ryan Carson Didn't Let Arrington Invest in Treehouse

Who Owns the Emails from Obama's "We the People" Petitions? Answer: Not the People

Chris Sacca Deletes Klout Account, Tweets "Conversations Are Better When No One Is Keeping Score"

Coach's Eye Sells Sports Video Analysis App for $0.99, Others Sell Service for $3K

Ironic: Creepy App About Dangers of Facebook #1 Fastest Growing App on Platform, 3.5M New Users in Past Week

Does Twitter's Activity Feed Violate Facebook's Patents?

Google Copies Facebook Badges and Icons Pixel for Pixel

Red Bull Gets Wings on Google+ Brand Page

Ducksboard Offers Real-time Dashboard to Manage All Your Analytics, Launching Soon

Google Acquires Apture: How Long until We See AdWords in Search Pop-up Boxes?

Tweet Scheduling Site Buffer Now Lets You Post to Facebook, Zuckerberg Impressed

Wish Apple's App Store Was Social? Try Crosswalk

Zynga Stock Scandal Prompts "In Defense of the Google Chef"

Condition ONE Brings You Inside the Story, Immersive Video App Now Available on iPad

Fail: iOS 5 Update Doesn't Fix Battery Life, Screws Up Contacts

Why Is Popular Siri-for-Android App Speaktoit Not Raising More Money on Kickstarter?

Tadpoles Day Care App Gives Parents Piece of Mind with Real-time Updates, Photos and Videos

iTunes Match Blocking New Registrations Due to "Overwhelming Demand"

Klout CEO Apologizes for Creating Profiles of Minors, Says "We Messed up"

Google Groups Redesign Adds Tons of White Space, Could Become as Hated as Reader

What's the Optimal Price for Apps -- or Is There One?

Google+ Too Slow to Release Full API, So Developer Hacks and Shares One for Circles, Followers and Profiles

Kazakh Hacks Twitter's 140-Character Limit with Post Mocking That Limit

ThinkUp 1.0 Liberates and Analyzes Your Social Media Data

Microsoft Uses Klout to Give Influencers Free Phones

Team Coco Launches "Judgmental Animals" on Google+

Chill Integrates with Hulu to Let You Watch TV with Friends

Why Is Amazon Blocking Competitive Browsers on Kindle Fire?

How to Get Firefox Aurora on Kindle Fire

Google TV Adds Google Music App to Compete with iTunes Match

Amazon Blocking Spotify and Google Music on Kindle Fire

RAVN Creates the Coolest Beta Wall Ever

Is the Internet Awake? Visualization Shows Optimal Times to Reach a Large Audience

Ron Conway Hints that Twitter Will Soon Sell Tickets for Music Concerts

Google Rolling Out Face Recognition for Google+ Photos

Google Music Tour Lets You Build Electronic Song and Keep It

Interesting Nuggets from Yelp's S-1 about Google, Mobile, International, Deals Revenue

Google+ Lets You Chat with People in Your Circles, Borrows Strategies from Facebook and Twitter

Bezos Gone Wild! Amazon Selling Every Non-iPhone Smartphone for One Penny

Wahooly Uses Klout to Add 400+ Influencers Daily Who Earn Equity in Startups

Quickly Clear Google+ Default List of Circles with New Chrome Extension

Hall Adds Activity Stream, Bets Real-time Is the Future

Anybeat Launches as Facebook with Klout Built In

Knol Didn't Kill Wikipedia

Google+ Brings NBA to Fans: Sponsors LeBron, Wade, Melo and Paul

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