The 50+ Startups TechCrunch Didn't Cover--But We Did

We just finished our first six weeks with a staff of three writers here at LAUNCH, and we're super proud of the fact that since Aug. 1 we've done over 250 posts, including 70 startup profiles.

Now, if you only read TechCrunch, you would have missed out on 55 startups that we profiled and they chose to ignore -- or covered after us. Copying and pasting short company descriptions into one long article doesn't count as coverage in our book.

Call us old-skool, but we like to talk to the founders, their investors and competitors and give you something with a little more value.

Also, we have no bylines, and we don’t think we’re important enough to write about ourselves (zing! pow!).  MG, Erick, Paul Carr and Arrington -- all have covered TechCrunch's recent dramas.

In fact, we're told that TechCrunch has banned its writers from linking to LAUNCH (what a compliment!). If one of the most powerful domains in technology won't cover these worthy startups, we're honored to do so.

Hopefully TechCrunch’s new management won’t hold a grudge like the old guy did.

Here are the 55 startups that only LAUNCH profiled or has profiled first since Aug. 1.

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Nodejitsu: Open-source cloud hosting for Node.js applications and websites.

SimpleEnergy: Social games and activities to track individual energy consumption and help people reduce their carbon footprint.

InboxFever: Email-powered applications that send information ranging from directions to lists of local sushi restaurants.

Welcu is an event planner's best friend birthed by 500 Startups by way of Chile.

FlixMaster: An interactive video platform that lets viewers decide what happens next and effectively change the outcome of the plot.

SocialEngine: A social media recommendation engine for community managers to help maximize the company's impact.

FlexTrip: A marketplace of 20K+ bookable tours and activities for travelers.

TruantToday: Schools can track absences and easily notify parents if their child skips class.

FullContact: A database for developers to keep up-to-date information on their users across multiple applications.

HelpJuice: Steroids for your FAQ page.

ReportGrid: A cloud-based real-time analytics and reporting services for SaaS vendors and technology platforms.

MealTicket: An app for restaurants and suppliers to provide deals to customers and track how certain coupons perform.

GoSpotCheck: Crowd-sourced brand-directed missions to provide real-time insights for brands.

Creative Brain Studios: Think you've got the next Angry Birds? Make a cloud-based deployable games for smartphones, tablets and computers with Creative Brain Studios.

IRL Gaming: Check-in to scavenge real-life locations for zombie survival.

Kibin: Don't ask your roommate to edit your paper, use Kibin for free (or cheap) crowd-sourced editing and proofreading.

Skipola: Restaurants can make their own apps for food orders, loyalty programs and SMS marketing.

Daily Aisle: Expedia for weddings so brides can find wedding venues, photographers and catering services within their budget.

LaunchBit: Ad network for email newsletters that pairs advertisers with publishers to target specific audiences. Find and discover electronic music by streaming curated lists or picking your own tracks in genre-specific rooms from a database of more than 2,200 songs.

Culture Kitchen: Learn to cook authentic ethnic dishes from actual immigrant women who share their personal stories behind the food during in-person cooking lessons.

StoryTree: Go beyond the scrapbook with StoryTree to record and share family history.

Bugherd: In 10 seconds or less, developers can tag, describe, assign and prioritize bugs.

Cardinal Blue: The "anti-photoshop" of collage-making for iPads and iPhones.

ChirpMe: A dating service that doesn't connect you via personality questionnaire but by through dates and exciting activities you can really bond over.

PulseSensor: Wearable sensor to measure heart rate through your skin

Ovia: Pre-record your video interviews with job applicants to save time and money on the cost of scheduling and bringing in potential new hires that lack the right skills.

WillCall: The HotelTonight of live concert events, WillCall delivers a curated list of shows with 50% discounted tickets.

Singboard: The place where YouTube meets karaoke with layers of actual music videos mesh with lyrics to give you the ultimate karaoke experience on the web.

Snapette: Share what's hot in the stores with your friends and find what's nearby. Know what your friends want before you buy the wrong thing.

Tinfoil Security: Crawls your website looking for vulnerabilities and alerts you to problems so you can fix them fast.

Vayable: Book a tour anywhere in the world with a local for an authentic experience.  

Vidcaster: A white-label video platform for businesses to host their own curated content.

Zerply: LinkedIn sucks -- network via skills and location, not just through people you already know.

Appetizer: Any small business can build an app and offer rewards and deals.

Coder Buddy: You don't have to be a dev: create and publish static websites or Python applications to the Google App engine.

Adby.Me: Alternative to celebrity endorsements: regular folks get paid to write their own ads and post them to their social networks.

CookItForUs matches people who want good food made for them with people who can make it -- an awesome startup out of Excelerator Labs in Chicago that we called the Airbnb of food.

Craft Coffee: Like a wine club but with coffee: monthly deliveries of expert-selected roasts from around the world.

Daily Gobble: Groupon without the coupon for restaurant deals.

Buzz Referrals: Refer a friend, get rewarded -- old-school referral marketing goes social.

Food Genius: Craving meatballs, grilled cheese, filet mignon? Find restaurants near you serving them.
IntroFly: Go beyond LinkedIn to network smarter across the people you're already connected to.

Exchangery: SecondMarket for commodities -- but make new markets.

Power2Switch: Lead-gen gold for electricity suppliers, and lower bills for consumers.

Loku: Live like a local even you're a tourist by using Loku to find the best places.

Manpacks: Regularly delivers socks and underwear to men who hate to shop.

ShortList: Conference organizers who want smarter networking at their events can use Shortlist.

StoryMix: Crowd-sourced, professionally edited wedding videos starting at $99.

Affectiva applies autism-inspired research on measuring emotion to business needs.

GroupCharger: Give GroupCharger a data set and it delivers context on long-lost alumni and group members.

SpeakerMix: Matchmaker for speakers and events -- speakers get more gig, organizers get a great speaker for the right price.

SwimTopia: SwimTopia brings swim team management into the 21st century, with more team-management apps on the way.

Echoecho: Better than text messaging for finding friends and a place to meet up.