Extremely Poor Taste: AppSumo Uses Steve Jobs in Subject Line to Sell Fonts

[ Email sent to AppSumo subscribers. ]

AppSumo customers are appalled by an email that used Steve Job's name in the subject line, but had no mention of him in the main text, after he passed away yesterday.

The subject line for the email, which advertised a deal for font collections, stated, "Steve Jobs was originally obsessed with typography."

AppSumo Chief Sumo Noah Kagan tells LAUNCH that they wrote the subject line before they got word of Steve's death. 

"When I woke up and noticed that happened, we sent out a retraction and apology," Noah says. "It's truly unfortunate for Steve and a lot of people who are really sad about it. There's no handbook about making mistakes." 

[ See email of apology after the jump. ]

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