Sync Google Chrome Settings Across Multiple Devices with Latest Stable Release

Google has extended syncing functionality of Chrome to its latest stable release of the browser. Users with Chrome beta have been able to do this since November, but now all Chrome users can sync bookmarks, extensions and other settings across multiple devices.

For those who use Chrome on a shared computer, you can now create a separate profile to make Chrome personalized to you. When you sign in to Chrome on a different device, those settings, extensions, apps and bookmarks will be there waiting for you.

"Keep in mind that adding new users to Chrome isn’t intended to secure your data against other people using your computer, since it just takes a few clicks to switch between users," Google Software Engineer Tim Steele writes on the Google blog. "We’re providing this functionality as a quick and simple user interface convenience for people who are already sharing Chrome on the same computer today."

Click here to download the latest Stable channel release of Chrome. For step-by-step directions on how to create a profile, see our November story.