Sweet: Levitatr Wireless Keyboard Complements iPad, Just as Product Creator Intended

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An Apple-inspired wireless keyboard with elevated keys that works with mobile phones and tablets, Levitatr is looking to raise $60K on Kickstarter -- with $46K committed so far -- by Oct. 24.
The project, launched on Sept. 9 in Ohio, has 427 backers so far. Users who pledge $79+ (131 to date) receive a Levitatr keyboard, which is compatible with Apple tablets, iPhone, iPod touch, the Samsung Galaxy Tab and HP TouchPad.

"One of the biggest inspirations to create the Levitatr keyboard was a general lack of great 3rd-party keyboards and accessories for Apple products currently on the market," Levitatr CEO James Stumpf tells LAUNCH via email. "Options generally consist of bulky, oversized, cheap looking plastic keyboards wrapped up in generic packaging. Due to this, I set out to make a designer product that compliments not only the aesthetic of Apple products, but also embodies that "cool factor" of the elevating keys that no other keyboard on the market has."

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The 9.8mm thick keyboard boasts bluetooth connectivity, a polycarbonate shell and a built-in aluminum kickstand. The original keyboard was 12.5mm thick and required AAA batteries, but user feedback prompted James to change the design. 

"We were able to switch our design to accommodate a rechargeable battery and reduce the overall thickness to 9.8mm," James says. "This is whats great about Kickstarter. This feature could have killed this product had it hit stores, but we were able to change our design almost instantly to satisfy consumers before production."

James is an independent designer and founder of ENTERAX, a tech gadget company. 

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The keys remain hidden until activated by touching an individual key.

Levitatr's kickstand lets users easily keep their device in place while typing.

The keyboard folds up for easy portability.

The keyboard's keys rise when you press a key.


Twitter: @Levitatr   
Website: www.levitatr.com

James Stumpf, Founder
Email: james at levitatr dot com