Sweet: Email Assistant to Keep Your Address Book Up-to-date

WriteThat.Name is a horrible brand name for an amazing service that automatically updates your Gmail contacts based on signature files. It costs $20 a year and is a feature that Google and other email systems should steal -- umm...iterate on -- quickly.

WriteThat.Name recognizes signatures in an email -- works on Gmail, Google Apps and Google contacts - and extracts the contact information to update your address book. Users can manually confirm each contact or simply select automatic updates. WriteThat.Name also sends daily reports with address book updates.

The service is free to try for one month. It costs $3 monthly or $20 annually after the trial ends.

WriteThat.Name was created by Philippe Laval, CEO of internet mail management service Kwaga, and launched in May 2011. Philippe previously founded Sinequa, an enterprise semantic search engine vendor. 

"I was so tired of having to go through my old emails to find a phone number or an address every time I was late that I decided we could use our natural language processing engine to act as a personal assistant for your address book," Philippe tells LAUNCH via email. "And, voila, the project was born."

WriteThat.Name investors include Kima Venture and Seedcamp


Website: http://writethat.name/

Philippe Leval, CEO
Twitter: @philippelaval

Google+: https://plus.google.com/114116061571498418389