Swag Alert: Google+ T-shirts to Rep Your Circles

Google+ circles shirts -- the social network's first official merchandise -- are now available in the online Google Store in navy blue and white.

"Go buy yours before they sell out! :)" Google+ Product Manager Louis Gray writes on Google+.
We imagine more Google+ products are to come [ in fact, we want the "I'd +1 that" shirt we saw at the Google+ beach party -- see our story. ] LAUNCH has contacted Google about its merchandise plans and will update if we receive a response.
The navy version costs $19.65, white is $19.70 -- but no ladies' tees. Also, watch the shipping charges: the cheapest we found was $9.21 via FedEx Ground.

"I second +Pearl Lombardo's request for girlies," +Ann Wuyts writes. "We don't necessarily need pink textile (#FF0080 might look nice though, if you recolour the red circle), but a less manly shape would be swell."
Other products in the store include a Gmail cap, Google Wallet, Google Maps t-shirts, and a Google Voice fleece hoodie. 


Google+ Circles Navy tee.

Google+ Circles White tee.


Louis Gray, Google+ product marketing manager
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