Storify Revamps Site, Adds Storypad to Collect, Save and Share Media

Storify just launched a redesign to better streamline the process of storytelling through social media curation.

Storify lets users curate stories using media from sites like Twitter, Flickr, YouTube and Facebook. The changes include a new logo and look, a Storypad bookmarklet and Chrome extension, and smoother drag-and-drop functionality to effectively organize stories.

The redesign switches the placement of the search and editor on the user interface. It should now also be easier to add text to stories, the blog post states. Storify CEO Burt Herman tells LAUNCH that before the update, many people didn't even realize they could add text.

"The idea was to put an emphasis more on writing and giving more space to your content," Burt says. "We're all overloaded by these streams. Storify is about pulling out the valuable bits of it [social media content] to tell a story and give context as to why you decided to pull that story. We just wanted to emphasize more that it's your content, you're creating the story

The Storypad lets you easily share content gathered throughout the web with others. You can also use media from another user's Storypad in your own story.

"There is much more to come," the blog states. "We're working to make story creation even easier and improve the reading experience."

San Francisco-based Storify, founded in November 2009 by Burt Herman and Xavier Damman, launched at TechCrunch Disrupt in September 2010. The company has received $2.02M in funding to date from investors including Henri Lastenouse, Mark Tobias and Khosia Ventures.


Burt Herman, co-founder and CEO
Twitter: @burtherman  

Xavier Damman, co-founder and Chief of Product
Twitter: @xdamman