Start Google+ Extension for Posting to Multiple Social Networks Goes Premium

If you installed the Start Google+ browser extension to simultaneously post your updates across Google+, Twitter and Facebook, you can still do so for free -- but now the developer has added premium versions.

Priority access, which costs $3 per month, means no daily usage cap, feeds that update more frequently and faster photo transfers. Business access, which is $9 per month, lets users connected their LinkedIn account and updates feeds every minute. Right now, feeds update every five to 10 minutes.

"The reason that it exists is that the SGPlus service costs many thousands of US dollars per month to keep alive, due to the cost of servers," developer Zane Claes writes in the extension documentation. "If I did not offer this upgrade, I would not be able to afford to keep the service alive."

The free version of SG+ wasn't working for LAUNCH today -- we have contacted Zane about this and the upgrade and will update if we receive a response.
Would you pay for the upgrade or have you done so already? Discuss below in the comments.


Zane Claes, Founder at inZania
Twitter: @inZania  

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