Social Travel Engine Tripl Lets You Pimp Your Profile

Travel recommendation network Tripl lets you add trips, recommend people to see worldwide and earn points based on how global you are.

Sweden-based Tripl went live in September but recently revamped its service with the addition of profiles that feature a bio line, trip timeline, showcase of services like Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr, and passion and interest tags.

When you first sign up, Tripl asks you to select "must meet" Facebook friends in various cities throughout the world. You only get one selection per city. By leveraging your social graph, Tripl can connect friends of friends to each other while traveling. You can also set up introductions for friends and locals.

Tripl connects recommended travelers, locals, and people connected to your existing social networks. Earning points for doing various things on the site, such as recommending a friend and having global recommendations, will eventually lead to discounts on hotels or other travel items.

Tripl is a pivot from the team's last company, Vacation Relation, which connected people while traveling.

“We started getting lots of press,” particularly in Sweden, Tripl co-founder Peter Sullivan told Fast Company, “and a bunch of users, but we saw that the main problem for travel startups is that most people don’t travel often--once a year. They go to the site and don’t have a trip, so it’s no use for them. After their trip, it’s also no use for them....We wanted to build something that kept users engaged 365 days a year.”

LAUNCH has been in contact with Peter and will update this story when we receive more information from him.

As Techcrunch reported last month, the social travel space is getting quite crowded. Services include Trippy, which provides friend-sourced itineraries, Tripbod, which connects you to experiences and locals, and Twigmore, which helps connect friends' friends in other places.

Tripl raised $300K in funding in May, which it already used to add more members to the team.

“For me I would love to build up our connections with VCs as much as possible, and with travel partners [hotels, travel agencies, flight metasearch companies and more] and to be able to finalize an investment as soon as possible," Tripl co-founder David Los told Fast Company in September, in part to explain why the founders were working in New York rather than Sweden.


Hand pick "must meet" friends from Facebook.

Tripl profile shows you trips you're planning, friend activity and stats like regions with connections and cities with connections.

The Los Angeles Tripl page shows travel activity, which you can view by "connected to me," "friends only" or "everyone."

Add a planned trip or one that you're considering going on.  

Leaderboard for Los Angeles.