Social Media Wars: Matt Cutts' "Wow" Post on Spotify Requiring a Facebook Account

Head of Google web spam team Matt Cutts posted to G+ today that U.K.-based streaming music service Spotify's requires users to have a Facebook account in order to use the service.

"Wow," Matt writes on his Google+ page. "Spotify no longer lets you sign up without a Facebook account."

Commenters to the post reacted negatively (just as we're sure Cutts was hoping), with some calling it a deal breaker for using Spotify. "
Awesome - my life just got easier. Another service I don't need to bother looking in to," wrote Paul Hosking.

Facebook announced its tight integration with Spotify at F8 last week [ see our coverage ]. Considering Matt's reaction, it doesn't look like we'll see Spotify on Google+ anytime soon.


Matt Cutts, Google Software Engineer
Twitter: @mattcutts