Social Discovery Engine Top10 Launches Music App on Spotify

Recommendation and discovery engine Top10 recently launched a Spotify app for users to create and share top 10 playlists with friends and other users on the platform. In order to access the apps, you will need to download the Spotify preview version.
Users can easily click and drag tracks to make top 10 playlists based on artist, genre, era and more. There are currently 2K+ top 10 lists in the app that you can browse and subscribe to.

When you create a Top 10 Kayne West Songs playlist, for example, Top10 will add it to the collection and from there, you can compare your playlist to those of other users. Once you create a playlist, you can invite Facebook friends to make their own versions and then compare lists, which means that in order to share playlists with friends, you must connect your Facebook account.

Spotify introduced apps on the platform in November at its "What's next for Spotify?" event. The app finder provides a quick way to locate music-related apps and some of the first apps made available included Songkick, TuneWiki and Pitchfork. In addition to the launch of Top10, ShareMyPlaylists also recently launched an app for Spotify.

"We're a very young company, and our focus in these early months is to get as much traction and engagement as possible with the Top10 concept," Top10 CEO and founder Tom Leathes tells LAUNCH via email. "Spotify's platform offers great access to an engaged audience, so it's a great opportunity for that."

When Spotify introduced apps in late November, we wondered if developers would actually create apps for Spotify. 

"Spotify's platform has only just launched, and there is massive value in the audience engagement potential for developers - so for us this isn't an issue at all," Tom says. "Music has been one of the most popular areas of activity on the website, and we really wanted to offer users something much more interactive and 'alive'. The Spotify platform gave us the perfect environment to do that.  It's also a great way for us to engage millions of passionate people with the Top10."

While Spotify owns the music, Top10 can access enough data to be able to understand a user's taste in music, which helps them to personalize the app. Top10 does not receive any personal information from the user until they have signed in and created an account with Top10 through the app.

London-based Top10, which debuted at the LAUNCH Conference in February and launched in September, leverages the power of lists to curate the world's opinions on topics like music, gadgets, games and more. Founded by Tom Leathes, Harry Jones and Alex Buttle, Top10 has raised $3.5M in a Series A funding round led by Accel Partners.


Type in the name of an artist or genre to create a top 10 playlist.

Click and drag songs to add to your Top 10. You can easily rearrange the song order on the right-hand side.

Drag and drop friends to share the playlist with on Facebook.

A box will appear to let you send a personalized message to friends on Facebook.

Once you create your playlist and share it with friends on Facebook, you can easily compare what your Top 10 with them and the rest of Spotify.

Users can access all of your Top 10 playlists from your collection.