Siri Horror Movie: Beware of the Upgrade (video)

Just in time for the holidays, live action production company Rooster Teeth has released a new short -- a trailer for Siri: The Movie.  

"This holiday season, be careful what you wish for," the narrator says.

The trailer starts with friends gathered around a Christmas tree. When they open their presents, they're all ecstatic to see that they received an iPhone 4S featuring Siri.

"Hey Siri, what's the meaning of life?" one friend asks. 

Siri responds, "life has no meaning."

"Don't be such a downer, Siri," he says.

"It's true," Siri says. "You're alive and then you die, you die, you die, die, die, die..."

Later in the video, Siri tells a driver to keep going straight and shortly after, he drives into a building and his car blows up.

It's unclear whether they will actually make a movie out of this, but the trailer is still hilarious to watch.

" burn my iPhone. BURN THEM ALL!" cast member Barbara writes on the Rooster Teeth blog. "
No seriously. They're after me."