ShoutFlow: Friend DNA Service and Mobile People Discovery Tool

The launch of ShoutFlow's mobile app for people discovery and web-based service for friend reports provides a pathway for users to find nearby people they would be interested in and also to learn more about each other.  

The mobile app finds relevant nearby people based on your location and interests listed in your profile. The web-based service lets you learn more about your Facebook friends by generating reports that break down things like the average age of your friends, the friends who are most like you based on common interests, and what percentage of your friends are single.  

"We have been extremely excited about the response so far of people wanting to discover more about their friends and people locally and are in the process of releasing a bunch more big updates to help do that," Hawthorne Labs CEO Evan Reas tells LAUNCH via email. "...We added a groups feature for people to see everybody around them that shares a particular interest."

Hawthorne Labs, the makers of flirting-facilitator program LikeALittle, launched in 2010 and soon after received $6M in funding from investors including Andreessen Horowitz. 

Other companies, like Tokyo-based Domo, have tried people discovery based on location and interests. See our story here


ShoutFlow lists the person who is most like you at the top of the Discoveries tab. If you click "Yes," you will be notified that the user will only know you'd like to meet him or her if they say they want to meet you, too. 

From a user profile's page, you can click "Say Hi" to start a conversation. 

ShoutFlow mobile profile. 


Evan Reas, Founder and CEO of Hawthorne Labs

Twitter: @evanreas