See in 30 Seconds How the Music Industry Changed over 30 Years (Awesome Infographic)

Who knew animated pie charts could kick ass? Digital Music News shows you how the LP/EP and cassette market (1980s) gave way to CDs (1990s) which gave way to digital formats (2000s) with 30 seconds of pie charts. As recently as 1999, CDs were 88% of the U.S. music market -- that figure dropped to 49% in 2010. In 1980, the pie was split between LP/EPs (60%), cassettes (19%), 8 tracks (14% -- really!?!) and vinyl singles (7%).

Below the animation are thumbnails of each chart so you can download them or study a particular year in more depth.

Thanks to Ian Rogers for tweeting the link.

If you see a killer infographic [ like this or the Trulia rent versus buy one we profiled ], email the link to We'll give you credit if we publish it.

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