Ryan Carson Sells Future of Web Apps/Future of Web Design Conferences

[ Ryan Carson on "This Week in Startups." ]

Ryan Carson, founder of Carsonified and Treehouse, revealed on today's "This Week in Startups" that he sold the Future of Web Apps and Future of Web Design conferences for an undisclosed amount.

The Future of Web Apps conferences bring together web developers and entrepreneurs to share new ideas and knowledge. Likewise, the Future of Web Design is for web designers looking to share skills and meet like-minded people. Speakers have included Delicious founder Joshua Schachter, Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh and Digg founder Kevin Rose.

The next Future of Web Design conference will take place in New York City on Nov. 7 - 9.

Ryan founded Carsonified in 2004, after he says he learned he didn't like working for other people. Based in Bath, U.K., Carsonfied has remained bootstrapped.

Ryan will continue to host the FOWA and FOWD events for at least one year.

As he told TWIST host Jason Calacanis, he doesn't plan to invest because he wants to focus 100% on Treehouse, a new name for the existing Think Vitamin Membership, which teaches subscribers web design and development as well as iOS development.


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