Retired Google Employee Asks Obama to Raise His Taxes (Video)

[ Video courtesy of TPMtv. ]

A self-proclaimed wealthy man, who says he is willingly unemployed after working at a successful search engine (we're assuming Google), asked President Barack Obama at the LinkedIn town hall today to raise his taxes.

President Obama touted his jobs bill, The American Jobs Act, at "Putting America Back to Work: LinkedIn Presents a Town Hall with President Obama" in Mountain View, CA and took questions from LinkedIn members.

"I don't have a job but that's because I've been lucky enough to live in Silicon Valley for a while and work for a small startup down the street here that did quite well," one man says. "So I'm unemployed by choice. My question is: would you please raise my taxes?"

The man continued to say that he would rather the country invest in Pell grants, and infrastructure and job training programs that helped him get to where he is today.

President Obama then asked, "What was the name of the startup by the way? Want to give me a hint?"

The man replies, "It's a search engine," which is followed by audience laughter.