(RED) and ONE Use Klout to Get Influential People to Fight AIDS

In observance of World AIDS Day today, Klout teamed up with (RED) and ONE to offer influential people a chance to fight AIDS by 2015. As long as you have a Klout score of 10+, you can be one of the first people to add your panel to the digital (2015)Quilt.

"We're very excited to be a part of this initiative with (RED) and ONE to fight for an AIDS Free Generation," Klout Senior Marketing Manager Megan Berry tells LAUNCH via email. "This Perk is one of our most open and we expect the numbers to grow exponentially today as we push it out further."

(RED) and ONE International are two organizations designed to help prevent and eliminate AIDS. As the Klout blog states, 1K babies are born with HIV every day and by 2015, that number could be zero. 

Since the (2015)QUILT represents everyone who is fighting to end AIDS by generation 2015, anyone with Klout of 10+ -- the default Klout score -- can participate. We asked Klout how many users have made panels, but Megan says they will report numbers at the end of the campaign.

“I think this is a brilliant idea," user In Her Grace, who has a Klout score of 43, wrote on the Perk page. "More people should see this as an illness that can affect all genders, like cancer, and unify to help those affected. Blessings be with you. xox."

To create a panel, you first decide on a style: quilted, graphic, color block, etc. From there you can add photos from Facebook, patches and text. After you design your panel, you are encouraged to pledge to give one (RED) gift this holiday season or pledge to join the campaign and invite a friend.

“A beautiful and wonderful perk," Laura Dickinson, who has a Klout score of 59, writes. "Thank you for allowing us to spread our voices to raise awareness for AIDS prevention/cure.”
Since launching Perks in 2010, Klout has offered a wide variety of benefits such as a free Windows Phone 7, early access to a Stephen King novel, the chance to earn equity in startups and more.

In the past, Klout has based perks not just on someone's score, but also on how influential a person is on a particular topic. More recently, Klout started offering Perks based solely on score. For the Wahooly Perk that offered a chance to earn equity in startups, Klout score was the only consideration since startups cover a wide range of topics.

Klout, founded in 2008 by Joe Fernandez and Binh Tran, has recently come under fire for the accuracy of its algorithm and creating profiles of minors.


Panel by A.J. Walkley.

Panel by Megan Rose Dickey.

There are numerous customization options for making your panel. 

After you make your panel, you can share it on Facebook, download a free Christmas song by The Killers and fulfill your pledge.