Quickly Clear Google+ Default List of Circles with New Chrome Extension

If you ever get annoyed by the laborious process of deselecting circles to share content with when posting to Google+, developer Mohamed Mansour recently created a one-click solution for you.

Mohamed added a "Clear all circles" option in the drop-down menu as part of his Circle Management extension for Chrome that adds a search box on top of your circle list.

"So when I viewed my G+ stream, I saw +Bobbi Jo Woods mention +Robyn Flach regarding her issue with removing all her previous session circles when posting a new item to her stream," developer Mohamed Mansour writes on Google+. " She had to click on each "x" one by one, to clear them up, or she can keep pressing the delete button. She isn't the only one with this issue, I had the similar annoyance, so I quickly created this module to the existing circle filter extension."

Since the default circles that you share a new post with are the same circles you shared your last post with, the extension is great for people with more circles than they can manage, Mohamed says. So far, nearly 1.5K people have installed the extension.

"Circle management in Google+ has yet to change," Mohamed writes in the extension description. "So, I am going to make your circle management easier."

One user, +Mats-Olof Sander, questions on Google+ if the tool is all that needed considering that without the extension, users can hit backspace twice to clear individual circles.

"Yea, that is good for 1 or 2 circles, but for power users that have 10 circles, that is like 20 clicks :x" Mohamed writes in response.

Another user, +Stefanos S, writes that it is frustrating that this feature is not native to Google+ and therefore,  requires Chrome to use more memory.

"I agree, having small features like that natively is always the best case," Mohamed writes in response. "But we can't do that. The only thing we could do at the moment is create extensions to enhance our experience. Having many extensions is not necessarily a good thing because it does add bloat to the browser, more processes, more memory, slows the browser down, etc. I was thinking of merging all my extensions into one, that will make it operate under one process and faster to maintain, but it would take time to do so."

You can download the Circle Management extension for Chrome here. Last week, Mohamed hacked Google+ to create an API for Circles, Followers and Profiles.

Other Google+ extensions from Mohamed include My Hangouts, Trey Ratcliff Notifier and Prayer Times. 


The Circle Management extension adds a search feature to the top of the circles list.


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