Path Brings 10 Live Lenses to iPhone and iPad Apps

[ Image taken using 8-Bit filter. ]

Path, a photo sharing service, recently released an update that boasts 10 live lenses -- just a day after Instagram launched a major revamp to offer users 17 live filters.

Six of the lenses are available for free and the rest cost $.99 each. Path users also have the option to change the filter after taking a picture. Instagram, on the other hand, offers all of their lenses for free.

In late August, Path quietly increased its sharing limit from 50 to 150 friends. See our story [ here ]. Path was founded in 2010 by Dave Morin. 

[See screen shots after the jump]

After you take a picture, you still have the option to change the filter. 

The Loko filter distorts the photo, hence the tagline, "Sorry for partying." Purchase the filter and then click the check mark to confirm the change. 




Dave Morin, CEO
Twitter: @davemorin