Paris Hilton Joins Google+ 24 Days after Launch (Twitter after 1,092)

With tabloid favorite Paris Hilton joining Google+ on July 22 -- 24 days after the service launched -- Google+ has a "Paris number" of 24 or a "Paris 24." She tweeted about her new G+ profile on July 25.

So far, she has posted publicly to Google+ only once: ""Hello Google World! So excited to be a part of Google +! What does everyone think so far?" 

Just under 2K people have Paris in a circle, and she has not put anyone in her circles.

CNN reported last week that Google is planning to get celebrities on its social network once it has worked out a verification system for celebrity identities.

Paris joined Twitter on March 17, 2009, almost exactly three years after Twitter's launch, so Twitter has a Paris 1,092.

MySpace launched in January 2004 and Paris joined on July 15, 2006, giving MySpace a Paris 927.

We will post the Facebook Paris number once someone answers this question on Quora.