Own Your Video Distribution with VidCaster

WHAT: Create branded video content environment under your own domain with VidCaster. 

LAUNCHERS: Kieran Farr, CEO, [ @kfarr , LinkedIn ], Steve Cochrane, Designer, [ @stevecochrane , LinkedIn ], Ray Pawulich,VP Marketing, [ @raypaw , LinkedIn ], Jiang Li, Developer, [ LinkedIn ].

INSPIRATION: "We created VidCaster as a solution to our own problems," CEO Kieran Farr told LAUNCH via email. "Our founding team has a long history of TV production, having collaborated many times in the past including raising $500k from Indiana University to create a student television station while pursuing our undergraduate degrees.

In 2010 we faced the reality that the margins on local content production were thin and growth was steady but slow going. Meanwhile we kept getting inquiries from others (and our own producers) about our video site infrastructure. So, we decided to offer the VidSF software as a white label solution we now call VidCaster."

BUSINESS MODEL: VidCaster is a SaaS model, tiered plans that have additional feature sets and storage and bandwidth allocations.

COMPETITION: 23Video, Vimeo, Mediacore

GROWTH: "We opened VidCaster out of beta and have seen a nearly 10x increase in user signup," Farr told LAUNCH via email.  


INVESTORS: 500 Startups and faberNovel, Inc.